As June comes to an end and we enter July, we must not forget that thyroid month took place in June. Get educated about thyroid disease and spread awareness and support to those that may need it in your community!

What is Hypothyroidism? 

  • The thyroid is responsible for the secretion of various hormones as well as keeping our organs in check (Guardian, n.d). 
  • Hypothyroidism occurs when the thyroid is unable to release a sufficient level of hormones, which consequently impacts one’s metabolism (Guardian, n.d)

Facts About Thyroid Disease 

  • 50% of individuals may possess a thyroid disease and be undiagnosed (Thyroid Foundation of Canada, n.d). 
  • It negatively affects more women than men 
  • Hypothyroidism is unable to be cured, but hormones to keep the overall levels balanced are able to be prescribed (Guardian, n.d)

How to Get Involved

  • Discover public education programs to spread awareness
  • Raise awareness for the need of updated thyroid care (Thyroid Foundation of Canada, n.d). 
  • Refer to Thyroid Health Guides and other scientific sources to learn new information about the disease


How to Help Patients with Thyroid Issues

Thyroid issues are quite common among the general population, but with thyroid replacement medication, one can live with thyroid issues and manage to live a happy and healthy life. These thyroid replacement medications are sold commercially, although many people go the compounding route in which a medication is customized to your specific needs. 

Why is Compounding Unique from Commercial Brands?

  • Ingredients that may cause some patients to react to are removed ie. capsules containing dyes may be removed
  • Combinations of T3/T4 that may not be available in a drugstore
  • Sustained-release thyroid preparations can be created 

Overall, compounding medications are helpful for when it comes to helping patients deal with thyroid issues. Having your own customized medication makes sure that dosages are sufficient for the patient as well as ensuring the ingredients react and work well with your body! Just because June is over, does not mean awareness for thyroid disease is over. You can do it! Get up, get educated and spread awareness for this disease that impacts 0.8-5% of the population! (Thyroid Foundation of Canada, n.d). 


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