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See below for more information regarding the testing that we provide:

Government-funded Rapid Antigen Test (Take-home)

Self-testing. Results in 20 minutes.

Price: No cost to you

Click here for more information on the government-funded rapid testing

PCR Testing

Performed by our pharmacist. Results in approximately 24 hours.

Price: Starting at $150 + tax

Note: The base price reflects a turn-around time of approximately 24 hours for results. If you would like your results faster (delivered on the same day as your test), you may upgrade to our expidited service which costs $260 + tax.

Government-funded PCR Test (Symptomatic/Asymptomatic)

Self-testing. Please phone us if you’d like our staff to perform the test for you. Please read edibility criteria and instructions carefully here before booking.

Price: No cost to you


Rapid Antigen Testing

Performed by our pharmacist. Results within 20 minutes while you wait.

Brand used: Panbio by Abbott

Price: $40 + tax

Serving Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph and surrounding area.

Asymptomatic COVID-19 testing is available at Lancaster Wellness Pharmacy to support our community needs. Eligibility is determined by the ministry, and only those meeting the predefined criteria will be eligible. If you qualify, please call to conduct a phone assessment before your appointment can be booked.

For our regular patients, rest assured the pharmacy will continue to operate in a safe, clean environment. We have designated a separate entrance for COVID testing, and sanitizing will be performed at regular intervals throughout the day. Curbside pick-up or delivery is always available at no additional cost.

Eligibility details here: https://covid-19.ontario.ca/covid-19-test-and-testing-location-information

Contact us to request a test

Please call us at (519)745-4444 or fill out the form below:

Note: If we do not contact you within 24 hours of filling out the form, please give us a call.

Asymptomatic COVID Testing Request

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Frequently asked questions

Who will administer the test?

Our pharmacist(s) here at Lancaster Wellness Pharmacy will be adinistering the test and relaying the results once complete. 

Which test should I get?

It depends; if you are requesting a test for reassurance, the specific test may not matter.

If you are looking to get tested for work or to visit a specific location, please check with them as they may have more details on requirements. 

How long do the results take?

Please see our information on timing below:

Rapid Antigen Test: 15-20 minutes

PCR: 24 hours (but may take up to 48 hours)

PCR same day results: 6-8 hours after results arrive to the lab. We send our specimens to the lab at 3pm each day.

How is the sample collected?

The sample is collected the same way other COVID-19 tests are conducted in the pharmacy: A swab in the front part of the nose. This is know as an ‘Anterior Nasal Swab’.

How much does the test cost?

Please see our pricing below:

Rapid Antigen Test: $40 + tax

PCR Testing:

  • Regular PCR test when booking in advance = $150 + tax
  • Regular PCR test when booking for same day appointment = $175 + tax
  • Expedited PCR test regardless of booking date = $260 + tax

After your test: Next Steps

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