Medication Management

The right medication at the right time!

Never miss your meds again.

We make managing your medication easy and safe.

• We align all your prescription and refill them automatically.
• We fax your Doctor when prescriptions need renewing.
• We package all your medications and supplements together in bi-weekly packages clearly marked with the day and time you need to take them.
• Then we deliver them right to your door.

Let us make your life easier! Transfer your prescriptions today!

We make it simple and safe for Seniors to stay on track with their medication schedule.

Two-thirds of Canadians over 65 have five or more different prescriptions, and one-quarter take 10 or more prescription drugs.  More than 40 percent of seniors (85 and over) take 10 or more drugs. Seniors face a wide array of medication management pitfalls. Many seniors take outdated medications or incorrect doses; some medications may be prescribed by different doctors and may actually contradict each other. The responsibility of taking several medications may be difficult to bear, leading to frequent and otherwise avoidable errors. Taking the incorrect medication often results in additional health and safety issues. Even when patients intend to take their medications as prescribed, the sheer number of prescriptions they take, busy lives, and medical conditions that may cause memory loss or confusion can contribute to missed doses, mistakes or even overdoses.


At Lancaster Wellness Pharmacy, we offer our concierge LWPlus medication management service. Our first step in helping someone manage their medications is to learn about the patient’s health history either from them or a trusted person. Then we find out every prescription, vitamin and supplement the patient is currently taking and review them for any conflicts. We then package all of the medications along with supplements in a handy weekly blister pack which contains every medication needed for different times of the day. No more need to worry that the medication may have been missed. Caregivers also appreciate the ease of these packs.

The packaging comes as a 1-week card with 4 different dosing times available. It is arranged by day of the week and comes with a medication list identifying all medications present. This helps patients keep track of when to take their medication. All medications are together and ready to take without the need to fumble with multiple bottles. When it’s time to refill the prescription, we will contact the physician, prepare it and deliver it right to their door.

Let Lancaster Wellness Pharmacy take the worry out of taking medications. If yourself or a loved one could use the LWPlus service, drop into the pharmacy, call 519-745-5555 or email us.

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