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We have made it easy for our customers to refill their prescriptions online. Please allow 3 hours from the time of submission till your prescriptions are available for pick-up. If you would like to use our free delivery service, please contact our pharmacist for scheduling at (519) 745-4444.



People have many reasons for transferring a prescription. Perhaps they’ve moved or maybe they are looking for a pharmacy that is closer to their work or home. Sometimes, people move they’re prescriptions because of the relationship they have built with a pharmacy and the quality of professional services they supply.

Whatever your reason for moving your prescription(s), you are always within your rights to do so and at Lancaster Wellness Pharmacy, we will make the transition as seamless as possible.  This can be done for most medications when you have a valid prescription.

This transfer can be partial (e.g., a medication while you’re away on a trip) or full (e.g., your entire medication record after you move). Narcotic pain relievers and controlled medications (such as ADHD medications) can’t be transferred. Benzodiazepines (a type of medication for anxiety or insomnia) can only be transferred once. Some other conditions may also apply.

If you would like to transfer your prescription to Lancaster Wellness Pharmacy, please call our pharmacist directly at (519) 745-4444 or fill out the transfer from.




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