Wellness Consulting

A faster, more personalized approach to your healthcare.

Helping you make informed decisions on your health.

The pharmacists at Lancaster Wellness Pharmacy are here to advise, support, and educate. We are always available to discuss your medical conditions and health concerns. As healthcare professionals, we are committed to working together to help you build and maintain your healthy life through more than pharmaceutical medicines alone. We offer a wide-array of services at competitive fees developed to expand your access to better healthcare. Our aim is to provide you with all of the information needed to successfully take your health into your own hands.
Please contact Vishal directly at 519-745-4444 to book your appointment.

Cholestrol Check

With a simple finger-prick, you will receive your cholesterol blood values within minutes! We then review your results, screen for metabolic syndrome, calculate your heart age, ensure you are on the right medications, and create a plan for better health!

A1c Check & Assessment

We will conduct a point-of-care A1c check (finger prick) and review results and goals. This test was previously only available through lab work. It measures your average blood sugar over the previous 3 months. It’s a great screening tool for diabetes risk, as well as measure changes is diet, lifestyle and medical therapy.

Heart Health Assessment

We will measure and assess your blood pressure and look at goals and therapy to manage your health behaviors and risk factors such as diet quality, physical activity, smoking, body mass index (BMI), blood pressure, total cholesterol or blood glucose and if necessary set a plan for therapy. FREE SERVICE

INR Check

For patients on Warfarin therapy, our trained pharmacist will check and monitor your INR blood level right here at the pharmacy. With results within minutes, any adjustments can be made immediately and changes can be relayed to your doctor.

Pain Management

We will provide a pain level assessment which is essential for understanding your pain. We will evaluate your current medication(s) then recommend and work with you on an effective and safe pain management regime.

Pharmacogenetic Testing

We all respond differently to medications based on our genetic make-up. Our simple cheek swab will help us tailor your medications more precisely and help us predict how you will respond to that particular medication. This is done through a through a systematic examination of of your genetic code.

Canabis Consulting

Conventional therapy not working? Side effects too extreme? Can cannabis help you? Book a consultation with us to see if cannabis can be a good fit for your medical needs.

Stop Smoking Support

Tired of quitting smoking only to start again. We offer many option to help you quit for good as well as lots of support to help you get there. FREE SERVICE

Diabetes Management

As a Certified Diabetes Educators we have comprehensive knowledge of and experience in pre-diabetes, diabetes prevention, and diabetes management. We will help educate you about your disease and the best ways to manage your blood sugar.

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